Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lulu's Holiday Gift Guide...(part 1)

Hello there! How's your christmas shopping going? Still got a few people left eh? Havent started yet? Looking for The One? No problems! The shelves at lulu are busting full of fun treats for all your best peeps. Here's a handful...

one of our favourites, the Love Stamp Set, $39.95

Elk leather handbag, $180, and scarf, $65

wood cover jotters, $16.50

framed prints by Hidden Eloise, $45.

red riding hood mug cup, $34.50

tea pot, $39.95

deer looking back, $25

little leather handbags, $65

beautiful birch veneer tray, $49

shiny happy matryoska tea set, $79.95.

treeling jewellery stand, $79.95. Black or white.