Saturday, May 26, 2012

to have, or to give...

straight from the seattle based design studio Iacoli & McAllister come these incredible necklaces - the perfect balance of scale, proportion, colour and texture. These pieces are the epitome of understated simplicity and beauty. powder coated brass tubes hanging on soft ultra suede somehow make everything we're wearing look better. no joke. 

Necklaces priced from $79. making your friends jealous is included in the price.

Love Lulu X

322A Carlisle St,
Balaclava, Victoria

Open 7 days
p 61 3 95258844

Don't worry babies, we havent forgotten about you and your accessory essentials. blankets havent been this cozy since nanna knitted them herself. No offence to nans around town, but they'd be hard pressed to make them quite as smart lookin as these from local designer Sunday Ganim.

Little Lulu is stocking both the 100% cotton, and the 100% wool blankets. These yarns are like no other you've wrapped around you before. Seriously soft and warm, they are also knitted in Melbourne, making them the perfect pressie to send abroad to your international friends and fam, or just to keep your little one at home nice and toasty. $129 for cotton, $149 for wool.

Love Little Lulu X

324 Carlisle St, Balaclava,

Open 7 days
p 61 3 95272951

Thursday, May 10, 2012

hey mama

This year, my mum has stated a very firm No Presents rule at Mothers Day.
She has informed all her children that she doesnt need anything.

But ma...what about all the cool stuff you don't need, but might want? hey..?
Like these pretty things, for example... 

Rifle coasters, $29

Rifle notepads, $13.95

Rifle recipe cards, $19.95

Large vase, $132
Handle vase, $99
Petite vase, $69
Heart Pendant, $49.50
All by Angus and Celeste

Wooden Earrings, $39.95/$49.95
By Polli

100% wool scarves by Ella Sanders, from $95.

Leather gloves by Elk, $99.


Ceramic measuring cups and spoons, $45/22.50

polymer resin necklaces by Not Tuesday.

Lets be honest, with so many beautiful things to give, i aint rocking up to lunch empty handed!
After all, you deserve it Ma. (and thanks for making lunch).

Lulu XX
Open 7 Days
322A Carlisle St, Balaclava,