Sunday, December 23, 2012

lulu loves ya

Go ahead and get into holiday mode - with two full days of shopping left, why not relax? the lulu's have you covered! the shelves are crammed with all manner off lovely things to give to your buddies, your family, or even just for a sneaky self gifting session. 
We are open early and closing late today and tomorrow.
Here's a little message we prepared earlier...

We have loved having you at the stores in 2012. Hope to see you all again in 2013 for another year of fun. We have loads of awesome new products lined up, so stay tuned!
Have a safe and happy new year.
Love, Lulu and Little Lulu XX

Friday, December 14, 2012

all i want for christmas...

silly season has descended, and the lulu's are ready to sort out all your gifting needs!
take some time out from your crazy day and come and have a lesiurely lap around little lulu. guaranteed to morph even the most stubborn of grinches into toe tapping tinsel lovers. we've seen it happen! 

animal nesting set, $32.50

design your own sunnies! yeah! $39.95

new bamboo dinnerware from Mae. $32.50

mirror sets from sccops, $32.50. (think these are cute? you should see the whales!)

cushions from Scoops, from $35.



posters from Littlephant, $40

face art kits, $11.50

over the wall with the big kids, it isn't unusual for the odd panic attack to occur. main explanation for this phenomenon? "i need to get presents, but i want all this stuff for myself!! aagghh!!"
you've been warned...

Omm design plates, $13.50

pablo and dali salt and pepper shakers, $34.50

our fave mike perry has a book! $49.95

a lulu classic, the trusty richelle button bag. $89.





lovely melamine wares from Mozi. from $9.95.

ceramic doily mugs, $16.50

necklace by LoveHate, $89.95

yes, this one's just as lovely. $55

resin beads - in many seasonal hues, $49.

Jansen + Co ceramics, priced from $17.96 - $90. Mix and match away - fun times!



very very pretty mugs, $22.50


ok, so we're a bit mug obsessed. These little lovelies are from Littlephant, $22.50.

lots more to come as the shelves bust out their best moves...

love, little lulu and (regular size) lulu XX
open every day!