Saturday, June 18, 2011


all our clothing is 15% off, for a few days only.

empty hangers are already piling up, so

don't dilly-dally!


Friday, June 17, 2011

does a sandwich in the shape of a love-heart taste better than a regular sandwich?

hells yeah!!

lunch time is now infinitely more exciting with these sandwich cutters. They are much deeper than cookie cutters, so can easily cut through two slices of bread with fillings. Choose from love-heart, daisy, train or dinosaur, and each is sold with its own little bread shaped lunch box. $15 each.

thanks scarlett for whipping up lunch today. delicious AND beautiful!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lulu loves winter!! (honestly)

as far as we're concerned, the colder it is, the more stuff we get to wear. any chance to bust out some serious scarf/hat/glove combos!
there's soooo much in store right now to keep you super toasty and lookin damn good at the same time. a new batch of jewellery and leather goodies from Pigeonhole has just arrived too, in time to spoil all those June babies with bdays coming up...

bowler hats from Pigeonhole, $50.
Melissa lace-up boots, $120.
Penelope Durston gloves, $55.
Elk throw blanket, $155.

cotton cashmere blend cardi by Elk, $150.
floppy hat, $60

pom pom beanies, assorted colours. $55.

leather satchel, $170.

Our winter favourites, lambswool fingerless gloves by Penelope Durston.
Short length shown, $45.

cluster necklace, $ 75.
apple badge, $35.

Melissa ankle boots, $95.
framed print, $45.

Earrings in 3's! why not? $22.