Friday, September 27, 2013

 Australiana has done it rough over the years. Historically speaking, this compelling area of gifting is strictly the domain of Vic market stalls and Swanston Street souvenier tables. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We love an acrylic koala as much 
as the next tourist. 
Urban dictionary defines Aussie as 'A cobber from the awesome race we call Australians. He or she is likely to excel in all kinds of sports, drinking beer, talking the ear of a grasshopper or just being a plain old funny prick'. 
Not much to live up to. 

But on this weekend, when Melbournians feel more Aussie than usual (c'mon, you're not going to a bbq tomorrow?) we thought we might bring you some delightfully patriotic products from Melbourne based designers Make Me Iconic.
 These guys have single-handedly revamped the oxymoron that is Cool Australiana. 
It's a real thing.

 I don't know about you, but i'm defs not opposed to sleeping next to fairy bread.
 $55 for a set of 2.

 Can't argue with anything that references the Dame.
Cushion, $45.

 Timely man gift.
$55, set of 2.

 They're everywhere. You're probably one of them.
Tea towel, $25.

 the tea/tim tam combo. classic.

 Channel your inner suburbia. 
cushion, $45.

You're never too young to learn that Meat Pie needs Sauce.
Wooden puzzle, $30.

All available at lulu and little lulu.
Open every day.
(and no, we don't close for sporting events. come down and give us the score)

Love Lulu XX

322A and 324 Carlisle Street
The World.