Friday, October 21, 2011

Let the invasion begin...

Invaders from Japan! The Piperoids are the futuristic paper craft, which transforms colorful paper tubes into awesome robots with movable joints. Piperoids are easy to make—just cut the paper pipes and fit them together! Piperoid brings back the reward of creating things while keeping the process simple.Winner of the Good Design Award in Japan and packaged with striking graphics, each one comes with its own story...

Leader of the hard rock band “Guyzer &
Hell Brothers,” anyone who's heard
his music loves his tunes hands down - or
so he dreams. Currently he's looking for
additional members in his band, as his
apprentice Bean is his only fan at this

Members of trio hip-hop unit Bad Animals.
Lyric's agility combined with the delicate touch
of MC Hook and groovy selections of DJ Track bring them together all ready for the stage.
Currently going through hip-hop magazines to decide which
competition to attend next.

Popular members of the world's smallest
circus troupe. Angry is gifted with tremendous
skills but is a bit hard to get along with - often at times blowing up at someone.
In trying to entertain Angry every day, Funny has
naturally developed his skills as a clown and now
stands at a world-class level.

A girl robot who loves to love - Rose
recently got hooked on fortune telling. She
easily falls in love with good-looking
machines and robots, making aggressive
moves to win their hearts. Despite her
mantra of “I want to be in love,” she easily
loses interest, which confuses everyone.
Appearance comes high on her list of
priorities over intelligence and character.
She is very demanding and her criteria for
Mr. Perfect are quite high, making it so that
none of her fellow PIPEROIDs make the

 More of these awesome guys in store.


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