Friday, December 3, 2010

little lulu's holiday gift guide...(part 1)

there are so many beautiful, fun things to shower your little loved ones with this silly season! here are but a few to kick off the first week of summer...

pick-up sticks in a lovely wooden box, $15.

harmonicas, $10

apple money box, $39.95

Kimono book, $34.95

assorted plates $13.50 and cups $10 by Jane Jenni

digital watches, $45. how do you choose just one!?

assorted pastels and chalks, from $6.95

beautiful bamboo clock, $75

apple bookends, $49.95
lampshade, $110

star gazer kit, $37.50

explorer kit, $37.50

my current obsession - the big bag of joy tote, $35.