Thursday, September 4, 2014

rad dad

According to greeting card makers Hallmark, Fathers Day is the 5th most popular card giving holiday of the year. 
Personally speaking, it's up there in my top 3 holidays. Who else would be content with a slap on the back and a 'keep up the good work' ?
But then again... if your old man deserves more than some positive reinforcement, you might want to pop down to Lulu and get a little something like this...

assorted awesome cards, $5.50 Able & Game


face and body products from the good folk at Triumph & Disaster in NZ. It doesn't get more manly in the beauty department. 

wallets from Status Anxiety. A man gift hall of fame-er. 
From $39. 

been a while since dad had a good old frontal lobe workout? 
Nano blocks will do the trick, and then some. From $12.95

We Wood watches, a new must have for men of  sustainable style the world over. From $129.

 Nah, these pencils don't do ninja moves, but dad 
will still love em. Especially because you were thrifty at $14.95 a pop.

 The credit card multi tool by Henley, $19.95. never get stuck without a bottle opener again.

Who said an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Otherwise known as the new Man (or woman) Bible. $24.50.

 Not just for sucking up to dad, but practical too. $14.95

We can see him appreciating this. Bike Repair Kit, $29.95

 Get him this and take him on a ride. The holy grail of affordable bike gifts. 
Book, $23.95.
 Quality time, priceless.

What a lovely man bag.
 By the impeccably accessorized Mr Elk. $169.

The weather man is predicting great things for Sunday.
Come for a stroll down bayside way - we'll be here from 11-5 solving all your gifting dilemmas. 
You're welcome! :)

Lulu XX

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