Friday, May 9, 2014

Ta, Ma.

Rest easy, folks. there's plenty of time time left to find that perfect little something that has 'good job mum, and yes, you really are always right, thanks for reminding me of this on your special day' written all over it.

like these...

 paper storage bags; feels like leather, washes like fabric. 
and they're metallic, so. 
priced from $12.50

 ella sanders knitwear. has to be touched to be believed.

 80 hour candles from Tosca and Polly. Made in Australia. 
Amazing fragrances.

 Everyone loves a daisy plate. $49.95

Leaving the roost? Give her this rooster as a token of 
your affections.

lots of scarves by Elk. This one is a winner. $105


 gloves, jacket, and necklace. kit her out. she's been good!
Prices from $49.

That's what my mum always said.

lovely doormat, $85

herbs in a boot. $24.95

true that. $5.50
(lots of other cards instore)

Quite simply, we're all over it.

And we're open every day. 
Come say g'day!

Lulu XX (and Little Lulu of course)