Tuesday, December 17, 2013

it's a wrap, #1

US scientists calculated that Santa would have to visit 822 homes a second to deliver all the world's presents on Christmas Eve, traveling at 650 miles a second.
Sounds a bit exhausting.
If only he'd lived a bit closer to Balaclava.
That's right. We are all set down here at the Lulu's to help totally outgift your fam, friends and work buddies. And that little old lady at the table who nobody's sure how they're related to, we haven't forgotten her either.
 Here's just a drop in the ocean of give-ables we have at the ready...

 melbourne made woodwick candle by aacute, $22.

 your new furry bear friend, $22.50

 cobblestone necklace by Oktoberdee, $65

 sailor plate, $19.95

silk scarf (also happens to be Flinders St Station), $110

 ahoy doormat, $49.95

 wooden beads, $39

stylish self cleaning, $13.95

 room fragrance spray, $29.95

 ceramic cup for all sorts of stuff, $32.50 

 Copenhagen mug, $22.50

 rope necklace, $65 by aacute

 the compact oil burner by page thirty three, $90

 unisex watches by we-wood, from $119

 ceramic earrings by angus & celeste, $60

over the wall, we have treat after treat for your mini-me + crew...


ninja pencils, $14.95

mineral excavation kit, $39

 grow your own dino egg, $11.50

fingernail friends, $7.95

dinner set, $39.95

toy piano, but real. $145

 double horse pull along, $32.95

 fairy princess mirror set, $75

 build your own rocket ship, $50, by tiger tribe
 parachuters, $8, by tiger tribe


more to come in #2. stay tuned.
Lulu and Little Lulu are open every day. 
Our trading hours for the coming week go like this:
Wed 18th: 10-6pm
Thurs 19th: 10-7pm
Fri 20th: 9.30-7pm
Sat 21st: 9-6pm
Sun 22nd: 9.30-6pm
Mon 23rd: 9-6.30pm
Tues 24th: 9-6pm
oh and have you seen our new website?
Love, the Lulu's