Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mothers; sometimes the angel, sometimes the devil.
well folks, that second sunday in May creeps around pretty quick, and in the rush to acquire the perfect gift (whilst simultaneously remembering gifts given in previous years so as to not perform a repeat gifting error, or RGE), get the card, make it to lunch on time, and not start any major bickerfests coz its Sunday and thus not really a day we are dying to spend with the 'rents -
I think we often overlook the essence of what the day is about - we are here because of her and that makes her pretty awesome. hopefully we have turned out to be a relatively well rounded and respectable lass or fellow, with reasonably good personal hygiene standards and socially acceptable table manners. 
So go on, spoil your ma a bit. you'll score points that'll probably tide you over till her birthday when Lulu will sort you out with another amazing present.

 angus and celeste beads, from $79
eggling, assorted herbs available. can't go wrong with basil though. $24.95

 mugs by Elisabeth Dunker, $22.50
elk wallet, $99

elk leather ipad sleeve, $99

 elk leather tote, $169
(we love Elk leather. So does your mum. We promise.)

100% Australian Merino wool poncho by Ella Sanders, $269.

beanies, from $69. (once you've worn merino on your head, you'll never go back)

100% merino colour block scarf, $99

100% merino cocoon wrap scarf (otherwise known as the nicest and warmest thing we've ever put around our necks), $149.

angus and celeste earrings, $60


teapot, $79.95, and sugar bowl, $30. make her a cuppa while you're at it. 

doormat by Mozi, $49.95

room sprays are back! this ones an absolute delight. $29.95

new melamine from Mozi. Too cute to put food on! but we will.
there are many, many more lovely things for your mum in store.
And - we are open every day. Yep!
See you soon!
Love Lulu XX
322A Carlisle St Balaclava
p + 61 3 95258844