Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a man's man's man's world...

the song made famous by the great James Brown was originally described as 'biblically chauvinistic', for pointing out that man made the car, train, electric light and the boat, not to mention toys for the boys and the girls. 
It's true though, men are quite the clever species.
dads, we salute you for all the special tasks no one else could have completed with such panache.
My own dad's daughterly achievements this year include insect extermination, putting my tap back on the wall, occasional masonry drilling, washer replacement, flat tyre pumping, floating shelf assembly, regular tea making, consistent dad-joke cracking, and a general willingness to step up to the plate in the 
unpleasant task arena. Nice one pa.   
And being that dads are allocated just the one day per 365 to get an official salute, it's worth putting in a bit of extra dad-gratitude time this weekend. Come on in to Lulu and check out these
lovely man-treats...
Izola letter opener, $31.95

izola man candle (mandle?), $59.95

sports soap, $19.95

flask, $39.95

bedtime reading, $14.95

a classic. $15.95

mug with lid. (beer with nuts). $29.95

luckyboysunday cushion, $120

for the dad who didn't grow out of the robot phase. they're out there.
woodies robots, from $30.

photo album (for real photos!), $33.

page thirty three fly swatters. $15.95

thanks dad.
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