Friday, January 20, 2012

welcome to two thousand and twelve, folks!
We at Lulu and Little Lulu are all refreshed and relaxed and very excited for the new seson to start rolling on in. There are (literally) truckloads of new products and amazing clothing on the way.

Today we had a delivery of some much anticipated porcelain votives, perfect for scattering around the house or just keeping one next to the bed.

Available in small or large, $20/26. Nice.

Next up we have the beautiful melamine range from homegrown favourites Mae. Already a massive hit, we are now fully stocked with the whole range.

Each piece is sold individually so you can mix and match. They have an amazing, smooth matte exterior and a glossy interior finish, and are BPA-free as well as dishwasher safe (up to 55 degrees). Priced between $11.95 - $16.95, we are thinking it's well time to ditch the maxwell and williams and have a little more meal time joy. 

As you may know, here at the Lulu's we take card giving very seriously. A written thought is a gift in itself!
We have set ourselves a pretty high standard over the years as purveyors of beautiful card design, and so we are more than impressed with these latest offerings from Rifle Design.
Rifle is based in Winter Park, Florida, and created by husband and wife team Anna and Nathan. Anna's handpainted illustrations and letterings create a timeless style that incorporates equal parts whimsy and nostalgia. The Rifle range is handprinted in the US using environmentally friendly papers and then assembled by hand. Currently we are stocking the cards and invites, but more gift-inspired products are on the way. We can't wait! 

 (full valentines range is on the way in Feb. and yes they are all as awesome as this one.)

Cards, $7.50. Party invites (the best we've ever seen btw), $31.95 for a pack of 10.

On a side note, we have massively reduced the prices of almost all of our current clothing range, to make way for pretty new woolly things with sleeves and the like. Come and grab yourself a bargain while stocks last! 

Love Lulu and Little Lulu XX