Thursday, May 7, 2009

apologies for the massive time lapse between postings - i will now be posting new lulu goodness every week - with so many gorgeous new things arriving all the time, theres no excuse not to share!

for all those looking for something a bit spesh for your mums, lulu is literally overflowing with lovely bits and pretty things. here are a few things i think your ma deserves...

how nice! a box of the loveliest sticky notes you will ever see. made from 100%recycled paper, there are 500 in a box - 100 each of 5 beautiful designs. theyre only $19.95, so theyre the perfect little addition to a present or a sweet stand alone gift for any lady of any age.

now cant you just see your mum being a bit chuffed about serving a nice afternoon tea on these?

designed by Moscow- born artist Oksana Badrak, they will be equally impressive hung on the wall as they would be to eat off. they are $88 for the set of 4.

if theyre not your mum's cup of tea, this lingerie bag might just be...from the lovely girls at mozi, this lingerie bag features the Persia print from their new collection, The Silk Road. take it on holiday or just hang it on the back of your door. its only $19.95, so get one for your mum and for yourself! you know you want one... :)